Blocked Drain or Sink in the Chiswick Area?

Our drainage services explained.

Blocked Drains

We can unblock any type of blocked drain in or around the Chiswick area. Firstly we will diagnose the cause and location of the blockage. Then we will use powerful equipment and our 17 years’ of expertise to solve the problem, whether it has occurred within a household, on a commercial premises or industrial site.

Our team will explain their findings and process to you in layman’s terms, and issue you with advice on how to prevent a future blockage. It doesn’t matter if the blocked drain has been caused by foreign objects flushed down the loo, or a tree’s roots invading your pipes, we’ll be able to quickly and efficiently deal with the issue.

Drain Flushing

If your drainage system is emitting a nasty smell, or your sink/shower are proving slow to drain, then drain flushing may be exactly what the doctor ordered. By flushing your drain with a high pressure hose, we can dislodge anything that may be slowing it down – and also anything pungent and unwanted that might be hanging around.

We recommend that our commercial and industrial clients around Chiswick invest in semi-regular drain flushing to keep their system healthy. As we all know an untimely blockage, after all, can lead to significant loss of earnings and one-off costs.

Bath & Sink Blockage

A blocked sink can quickly turn a household into chaos, or bring a business to a grinding halt. It’s essential that the situation is dealt with quickly. Otherwise, complications could lead to damage to your drainage system, flooding, health and safety hazards and damage to property.
Flowaway Drainage Ltd offers an emergency call-out service to domestic, commercial and industrial clients in and around the Chiswick and Greater London areas.

Another very common blockage encountered by our Chiswick clients is a bath blockage. With many bathrooms located on the second floor of a property, a bath blockage that isn’t promptly seen to can be an accident waiting to happen.
We’ve heard many stories of burst pipes leaking through ceilings and onto expensive electrical equipment, for example. Need an affordably priced solution to bath blockages? Give us a call.

Patio Cleaning

We’ll use a high pressure jet washer to clean your patio of any grime, dirt, mould, dust or algae that it’s accumulated. This service can transform a patio from looking ancient and ugly, to as if it was installed just yesterday.